Entering its ninth year, the National Integrative Research Conference is an annual Arts and Science conference. It attracts undergraduates and keynote speakers from universities across Canada and the US to McGill University in Montréal, QC to present their interdisciplinary research. This year's conference consists of oral and poster research presentations by students from McGill and other universities, keynotespeakers, and poster presentations. To conclude proceedings the conference will have a wine and cheese in the evening for students to network with professors and speakers. Save the date: Friday, March 15. This year, the conference will be held at McGill's Elizabeth Wirth Building.

Our Mission

The goal of our conference is to promote undergraduate research in interdisciplinary fields and provide a platform whereby students are able to present their own interdisciplinary work, engage in intellectual dialogue, and interact with other students and professors from Canada and the US. This conference will be an outstanding opportunity for all participants to be in an environment that fosters knowledge and creativity. We encourage students to transcend the conventional boundaries of art and science and pursue research in new and innovative ways.


Deadline is Feb 22, 2019 23:59 EST


Date & Location

Conference: Elizabeth Wirth Building

followed by

Posters and Wine & Cheese: Elizabeth Wirth Building
Montréal, QC

March 15, 2019  

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2019 Schedule under construction


Applications are now open for 2019! Deadline to apply is February 22th, 23:59 :

Application form

We encourage undergraduates across Canada and the US who wish to present their research projects to submit their applications online by February 9, 2018. As we are promoting the integration of various disciplines, submitted works must combine at least two different topics and, if possible, include topics drawn from both the Arts and the Sciences. We also welcome all to simply attend this gathering and be part of this unique opportunity!


Info for oral presenters

Oral presentations are approximately 10 minutes long including a 5 minute Q&A. A projector and wireless presenter will be provided for the PowerPoint presentation. Presenters will be judged on their ability to deliver an engaging, logical, and coherent presentation that can be well understood by a lay audience.

Info for poster presenters

During the poster session, the presenter is expected to be at their poster for the majority of the session. Attendees and judges will be encouraged to mix and mingle. Presenters will be judged on their abilities to deliver a captivating and comprehensive presentation, as well as their ability to answer questions.
Poster dimensions must not exceed 75” W by 40” H (190 cm x 101 cm).

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