Our Team

Chair Elizabeth Donison is very excited to be this year's Head Chair with new changes coming to NiRC. She is a U2 majoring in Anthropology and Organismal Biology and enjoys fencing, horse-back riding and playing the piano in her free time. Apart from being very enthusiastic about integrative research, she is also enthusiastic about the benefits of green tea.

Director of Research Farhad Udwadia is a fourth year Economics and pre-medical student. He is passionate about sports, especially rugby which he plays here at McGill, and in India where he grew up. He is interested in public health research, and presented his thesis on the economic and sociological factors concerning the treatment of Plexiform Neurofibromatosis at last year’s NiRC conference. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, travelling and playing FIFA. He is very excited and is working hard towards making this year’s conference, the most diverse and interesting edition yet.

Director of Logistics Oscar Costa is a U2 Cognitive Science student in the Neuroscience and Linguistic streams, with a minor in Cell Biology. As a first year member of NiRC, he is excited to help provide a stage for the outstanding discoveries that integrated research has to offer. Some of his academic interests include speech pathology and the language areas of the brain. Outside of the seemingly endless hours of studying, Oscar enjoys swimming, watching hockey, and playing his guitar.

Director of Communications/Publicity Juliana Van Amsterdam is excited to serve as Director of Communications and Publicity for NiRC 2017. She is a U2 Cognitive Science student majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, with a minor in Classical History. She is looking forward to attracting a host of Canadian and American universities to attend the upcoming conference and helping NiRC gain greater recognition in the collegiate conference arena. In her free time, Juliana enjoys working at CKUT 90.3 FM, fencing, and fueling her dual love of travel and coffee by exploring Montreal’s third-wave cafe scene.  

Member at Large Meg Kairiss is thrilled to be returning to NIRC for her second year on the committee, contributing last year as Director of Publicity, and this year as NiRC's Member at Large. Meg is a U2 student in Software Engineering and Linguistics. She is interested in deep learning, neuroscience, and speech recognition.

Director of Finance Sihyeon Kim, a U1 student, is still driving a roundabout route from discipline to discipline, before he chooses a passion for the long term, while also furthering his knowledge in the field of Computer Science. As a former participant of several interdisciplinary conferences, he is delighted to partake in the 2017 NiRC conference committee. He hopes his contributions as the Director of Finance will make this conference more accessible for all those who wish to participate. While he continues to explore various fields to deserve the title ‘an interdisciplinary guy’, he’s secretly (wait Sihyeon, shush) looking for the chance to apply for MasterChef someday.

Director of Media Jer Nivins is a third year Cognitive Science student with interest in music perception and neuroplasticity. In his spare time, he likes creative writing, weightlifting, and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee. His parents live in Toronto, but he lives in the moment.