Meet the Planning Committee


Louisa Shen

Hi everyone, my name is Louisa and I am the NiRC chair. I am in U2 ArtSci studying molecular biology and international development. My main roles as the conference chair are overseeing the progress of conference planning and acting as liaison between the NiRC team and Bachelor of Arts and Science Integrative Council.

Director of Publicity and Media

Nailya Ismailova

Hi, my name is Nailya! I’m a third year student in Anatomy and Cell Biology and I am really excited to work along side a great team to bring life to the NiRC conference in March. My role on the committee is to promote the conference and keep our social media up to date with all the amazing NiRC news!

Director of Research

Yueliang Dai

My name is Yueliang and I am a U2 BASc student with a major in Environment and a minor in History. I am a member of the research team for NiRC 2020. The main roles of our team are to recruit and select student submissions, keynote speakers and judges.

Farida Rahman

Hello! My name is Farida. I am a U3 Biology major and one of the NiRC Research execs this year. I work with the rest of the research team to invite the keynote speakers, select the student presenters, and choose the judges for this year’s poster presentation competition.

Director of Logistics

Rebekah Polcyn

My name’s Bekka and I’m in charge of logistics for NiRC. I’m a second year studying Environment, International Development, and Computer Science.

Director of Finance and Sponsorship

Claire Guyatt

Hello! My name is Claire and I am the head of finance and sponsorship for NiRC. I handle the funding by getting grants and doing fundraising. I’m a U1 student majoring in Cognitive Science, which is an Arts and Science faculty degree – so obviously I find research incorporating both arts and sciences (aka the research presented at NiRC) extremely interesting!